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From when I was 7-years old onwards, I wanted to be a Sports Agent like Jerry Maguire. [Cue inevitable laughter]. Sure, it took me a good few years to realize he was fictional and not an accurate representation of the career. Nonetheless, I knew there was something about it I wanted for myself.

The more I distilled what I particularly envied about becoming “Jerry Maguire”, the more I realized it was his genuine demeanour, his desire to make the world a better place, and his commitment to helping the people who had stuck by him. While I’m known to quote (at a nauseating rate) the famous “Help Me, Help you!” line from the movie, it encapsulates who I am and what I offer the world.

Nowadays, I’ve given up on the specific dream of becoming a fictional character (because, you know, that’s pretty hard to do), but I never forget the lessons that I learned from that movie, that character, and how it’s taught me to build a career on what I value most in life: genuinely helping people.

PS: If you haven’t seen “Jerry Maguire”, it’s highly recommended ;).


don't let your dream drift away

Love him or hate him, I’m always able to find a Kanye West line to provoke some deep-thinking about my career. One of my favourite lines goes like this:

“This the real world, homie, school’s finished. They distort your dreams, you don’t know who did it.”

It’s simple (and grammatically incorrect), but it paints a picture of the sad career realities of so many people on our planet. We all grow up with dreams of what our career will entail, but at some point — whether during school, early in your career, or after a significant life event, our dreams start to become distorted and the real-world sinks in.

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So, Who Is Calvin, Anyways?

Aside from some Kanye-quoting, Career Coach?

I grew up in the small-town of Bracebridge, Ontario. Known for the beautiful Muskoka Lakes, the cottages bigger than the houses the residents grew up in, and the friendly demeanour only found in towns where everyone knows each other. Oh yeah, and the endless winters.

How Did I Get Here Exactly?

After graduating University and working for the Federal Government for a few years, I decided to embark on a long journey that involved moving across the country (to the place with the least amount of snow in Canada) and starting a new career.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy. But I endeavoured towards a life that was both more fulfilling and filled with passion. To this day, one of my great passions is helping people combine what they LOVE and what they DO.

I was once asked in a job interview if I felt that everyone deserves a job they love, feel valued in, and are passionate about. I answered with a resounding “YES!”. And not just because I felt that was what they wanted to hear, but because it fully encapsulates what I believe: that anyone who is willing to put in the work to figure out what that looks like for them and how to accomplish it, can absolutely achieve that.

Since then, I’ve been blessed to be living in beautiful Vancouver, BC, while helping hundreds of individuals figure out what a fulfilling career means for them and enabling them with the tools to accomplish those dreams.

My inspiration came from reading Randy Pausch’s “The Last Lecture”, where he talks about fulfilling his childhood dreams of working for Disney, while enabling his students at Carnegie Mellon University to follow their dreams. It’s an incredibly inspirational read coming from an exceptionally intelligent man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer and wanted to part the world by sharing his wisdom.

If you agree with me that you deserve a career you love, feel valued in, and are passionate about, I’d love to help you on your journey there.

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Fun Facts About Calvin

Do You Have A Favourite Sports Team?

Hands down, Toronto Raptors! I love basketball and have been watching the Raptors for nearly 15 years. #northovereverything

Do You Have A Favourite Quote?

Yeah, absolutely! “While You’re Taking Time Off, Other People Are Putting In Work.”

I heard this in an interview with a Collegiate basketball player named Tyler Lewis and it really resonated with me. I use this as a reminder to motivate myself when I’m feeling exhausted. I remind myself that the competition never sleeps and to continuously work on improving myself.

Do You Have A Favourite Vacation Spot?

Jeez, this is a tough one. Los Angeles is likely my favourite city and I am extremely partial to warm places with tons of things to do. A close second and third would be Costa Rica and Hawaii.

What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Happened To You?

Uhh, one time in University I left my room to go to the washroom in the middle of the night and forgot my keycard. When I realized I was locked out, I had to run around campus in my boxers to security in order to request another key. The security team let me stand outside knocking for a good 10-minutes before answering :/.

What’s The Quirkiest Thing About You?

Well, I have this weird tick where I rarely eat crusts. I also routinely get into debates about whether or not waffles have crusts (spoiler alert: they do!).

What’s Your Favourite DIY Project?

I love to make anything remotely creative — beard oil, mediocre paintings, furniture, etc. Right now, I’m working on building a “Surf Green” Fender Strat with a black neck.

Do You Have A Favourite Book?

Absolutely! Although, I don’t think I could list just one… I could read “This Side of Paradise” by Scott Fitzgerald 1,000 times and still not be bored of it. I also really enjoyed “Paper Towns” by John Green and “Expert Secrets” by Russell Brunson.

If You Could Be A Guest On Anyone’s Podcast?

As controversial as he can be, I LOVE “The Joe Rogan Experience”. I would feel absolutely blessed to hang out with Joe and discuss whatever comes to his mind.

Most Importantly, Who’s Your Favourite Avenger?

Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord), from Guardians of the Galaxy! If you need a reason why check this out!